Natural green marble for natural realism

A kitchen countertop with green marble, combined with natural wood, creates a natural realism that relaxes the senses.

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Nov 2021
Green granite kitchen countertop

Verde Oasis is a green marble that is breathtakingly rich and textured with intense green shades.

Green granite kitchen countertop

↑ Reminiscent of an exotic rainforest Verde Oasis marble achieves a fresh, yet lavish, ambiance.

Green granite kitchen countertop

↑ This green marble evokes the refinement and grandeur of the most luxurious palaces.

Papadopoulos is your reliable partner for luxurious and high–quality marble


A comprehensive stone library offers hundreds of different choices to choose from.


The expertise to offer genuine, honest advice based on suitability, aesthetics, and budget.

Green marble kitchen countertop

↑ Verde Oasis green marble combined with manufactured Quartz.

Marble enhances the human experience and increases the value of your home

Green granite kitchen countertop

↑ 45-degree joint detail.

Verde Oasis green granite kitchen countertop

↑ Marble connection detail.

White Quartz Santamargherita

We offer long-lasting quartz kitchen countertops in different color choices, by the leading Italian manufacturer Santa Margherita. This high-quality quartz looks like natural granite and marble but with superior performance when it comes to its strength, stain resistance and low maintenance.


Feature high scratch resistance, low water absorption and high chemical resistance.


White Quartz is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

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