Travertino outdoor pool

Nestled in a sun-kissed sanctuary, this travertino outdoor pool beckons with the allure of its inviting turquoise waters. The timeless charm of Travertino Classico and Travertino Silver creates an ambiance of tranquility and sophistication.

Private Residence

Material: Travertino Silver, Travertino Classico
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06 / 2024
Travertino classico outdoor pool marble tiles

↑ Travertine classico tiles, with their soft, neutral tones, provide a seamless and elegant backdrop, creating a harmonious blend with the vibrant pool waters.

travertino classico outdoor pool with travertino silver walls

↑ A tall wall, constructed from Travertino Silver, stands as a symbol of seclusion and sophistication. Its textured surface adds a touch of timeless elegance, ensuring that the pool area remains a private haven amidst the surrounding area.

travertino classico outdoor pool walls tiles

↑ The interplay of the turquoise pool and the silver travertine wall creates a visually stunning tableau.

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Outdoor pool travertine classic and travertine silver

↑ Interplay between travertino silver, travertino classico and the pool’s turquoise waters.

Travertino silver outdoor pool wall

↑ Travertino Silver.

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Travertino classico outdoor pool detail

Travertino Classico

The tactile warmth of the Travertine Classico underfoot complements the cool embrace of the pool, creating a sensory experience that embraces both luxury and comfort.