Calacatta Oro marble for a classy look

With its sparkling golden beige, Calacatta Oro marble makes any kitchen room seem classy and luxurious at the same time. One of the classic Italian white marbles, it is used in private houses for centuries.

Private Residence

Materials: Calacatta Oro Marble, Didima Light Marble
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Nov 2021
Calacatta Oro marble kitchen island

Calacatta is a unique and exclusive type of marble excavated in Carrara, Italy.

Calacatta Oro marble kitchen sink

↑ With warm tones and a natural look Calacatta is perfect for anyone that does not like that “clean” white look and would like more color in their marble.

Calacatta Oro marble kitchen worktops

↑ Oro means gold in Italian. This special marble has subtle gold and grey colours on its pure and bright white surface.

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Calacatta Oro Marble kitchen countertop

↑ One of the classic Italian white marbles, it is used in private houses for centuries.

didima light marble used for the kitchen floor

Didima Light Marble floor

Calacatta Oro and Didima Light Marble for flooring play the starring role in this kitchen. Didima Light is a kind of earth grey to brown, wood veined marble quarried in Greece.


Didima is the hardest greek colored marble. It is gray with stripes, sometimes light-colored and other times dark-colored.


Didima Light is suitable for internal and external use. Floor, wall, vanity tops and stairs in both private housing and in public buildings with moderate and intensive use.

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