Didima Light for flooring

Wood veined marble Didima Light is a kind of earth grey to brown marble quarried in Greece. Didima marble creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. Furthemore, it creates inviting and welcoming rooms designed for quality time spent at home.

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Materials: Didima Light Marble
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12 / 2021
Flooring tiles with didima light marble

↑ One of the main qualities of Didima Light Marble is that it makes any place feel warm and confortable.

Flooring marble didima light

↑ Didima Light marble gives any surface the appearance of wood.

Papadopoulos is your reliable partner for luxurious and high–quality marble


A comprehensive stone library offers hundreds of different choices to choose from.


The expertise to offer genuine, honest advice based on suitability, aesthetics, and budget.

marble stairs

↑ Didima Light Marble has a rustic interior decorative look yet still shines thanks to the reflections of the material.

Marble enhances the human experience and increases the value of your home

marble stairs

↑ A marble with endless possibilities.

marble stairs

↑ Well suited for more sober, exclusive and minimalist environments.

wood veined marble stairs

↑ Gives a splendid marble shine yet still manages to look like wood.

wood veined marble stairs

↑ Makes for a bold statement for any interior design.

wood veined marble kitchen floor

↑ Didima Light Marble

This marble suits any interior design style and purpose that you wish.

For a cozy home feeling, this natural stone looks great on walls, floors, bathroom sinks, kitchen islands and countertops.


This high quality marble will stand out and make every room special and unique no matter where or how you put it.


It makes any place feel warm and inviting.

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