Marble fabrication services by Papadopoulos

We provide custom marble fabrication services to satisfy our clients’ needs regardless of project size. Hotels and developers have trusted Papadopoulos for large-scale marble fabrication projects.

We also work alongside Cyprus’s finest architects and interior designers. We custom cut high-quality materials. We install kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity tops. Furthermore, we create custom furniture to client specifications.

We use superb craftsmanship in cutting techniques. Our portfolio of work represents the quality of the highest order.

  • 75+ years of experience

  • Hundreds of large-scale projects completed

  • Advice for new materials, textures and applications

  • Technical support, installation and maintenance

  • Alivery Gray marble
  • Golden Raddix marble
  • kividas stone externar wall cladding
  • Brown espera marble used in outdoor area

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Make your kitchen your own

The best countertop materials can make meal prep easier, change the scenery of your cooking experience and match your home decor for an overall better aesthetic. If you cook a lot, consider a countertop material that can take the heat, and pressure from sharp knives, and won’t stain easily or tarnish from hot temperatures.

Surface Material

We help you choose a countertop material that strikes a balance between funtionality and design.

Measure to Fit

Our professionals will come to your home to ensure a perfect fit.

Add value to your property

Wall Cladding

Natural stone is a versatile material that can also be used for architectural cladding on the walls. It adds texture, depth and interest to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Combine modern and clean lines of contemporary architecture with natural stone to create an organic finish. Integrate stone into the garden, or use it to provide privacy whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing.


Provides a high level of insulation, which can therefore keep heating and cooling costs down.


Extreme durability and long lifespan. Low maintenance.

Alivery Gray marble
Add texture to your space

Indoor & Outdoor Floor Tiles

Indoor & outdoor tiles can be installed in seamless continuity from indoors to outdoors. The result is an attractive visual effect leading through the various rooms.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are best-suited to combined indoor/outdoor installations. Stoneware tiles are waterproof, feature special outdoor anti-slip finishes and are tough.


In a house, especially in small houses, uniform floor tiles can make the space look larger.


Natural looking stone can be very pleasing to the eye.

Porcelain tiles for pools

Pool Area

We offer a variety of excellent and contemporary porcelain tiles with technical characteristics with resistance to wear, atmospheric or chemical agents, as well as non-slip surfaces, without compromising on the look and feel and style of your entire swimming area.

Low maintenance

Pool surrounds should require minimal maintenance to keep up a great appearance.


The flooring around the pool creates the look and style of your entire swimming area.

Dark brown emperador marble used for the indoor pool
Washbasins and bathtubs

Vanity Tops

Whether your idea of a vanity top is an elegant or a modern design, we can help you create your vision to reflect your lifestyle, designed and cut according to your needs.


Hard, durable and non-porous, quartz is the ultimate choice for modern bathroom vanity tops.


Since granite is a natural stone, each granite countertop is entirely unique. Its wide range of patterns, styles and designs allows you to choose one that matches your bathroom decor.

Custom cut for any size, straight or round


Marble and granite are commonly used stones to create an elegant staircase. For homes with marble flowing, the marble staircase is a preferred choice and obvious choice. Stone is a better option for stairs in entryway or garden area.


Add elegance and style to your home using natural materials for your staircases.


Add elegance and style to your home using natural materials for your staircases.

Make your fireplace your favorite spot in the house


Natural stone fireplaces are appealing for a number of reasons: aesthetic, durability, eco-friendly, heat-resistant and add value.


Marble is a hard, dense stone that isn’t affected by heat, making it a perfect candidate for a fireplace.


Heat resistant and a popular choice for wood burning fireplaces.

Other Services

No job too big or too small

Furniture Design

Need a custom size tabletop for your dining or coffee table? We offer a range of natural stones in striking and colorful patterns.


Large collection of ceramic tiles for indoor and outdoor flooring.

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