White marble with gold metal features

White marble with brass or gold metal features is a classic combination. For example, using gold or brass in the bathroom is a bolder choice than silver which tends to blend in. Additionally, brass is one of those elements that go well with many other materials and stones. In conclusion, gold and brass will stand out against white marble. The results can be spectacular.

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Materials: Calacatta Oro Marble, Volakas Galaxy Marble, Volakas Gold Marble, Vega Santa Margherita Quartz
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Jan 2022
calacatta gold marble bathroom vanity top

Calacatta Oro Marble is an elegant white Italian marble with golden beige veins.

calacatta gold marble bathroom vanity

↑ This Italian marble has subtle gold and grey colors on its pure and bright white surface.

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calacatta gold marble bathroom

Galacatta Oro marble creates the perfect combination with brass or gold metal-finish.

Marble enhances the human experience and increases the value of your home

calacatta oro marble bathroom vanity

Calacatta Oro Marble sparkles under good lighting.

calacatta oro marble shower

Calacatta Oro Marble combines with gold and brass metal-finish for a classic look.

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volakas gold marble bathroom walls

Volakas Gold Marble with gold or brass metal-finish creates a classic look.

calacatta oro marble bathroom shower

Volakas Gold Marble / Volakas is a premium Greek marble with beautiful grey and brown veins.

Volakas Galaxy marble mirror effect

↑ Volakas Galaxy marble has a brilliant white background with beautiful grey or brown veins. In other words, this is why Volakas Marble is known as “The Carrara marble of Greece”. Therefore, Volakas is perfect for anyone that does not like that “clean” white marble look.

Vega Santa Margherita Quartz for vanitytop
Santa Margherita Quartz feature high scratch resistance, low water absorption and chemical resistance.


Quartz is suitable for high-traffic places such as bathroom vanity tops.


Pairing gold or brass with white marble creates a classic and warm look on a rather cold-looking surface.

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