Beige marble for warmth and comfort

This residence is using beige marble that creates a sence of warmth, comfort and security. On the other hand, the kitchen countertop is a white porcelain with grey veins creating a contrast with the beige floor tiles.

Private Residence

Materials: Vratza Marble, Travertino Grigio, Porcelanato Statuario polished
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09 / 2021
porcelanato statuario kitchen countertop

↑ Porcelanato is immune to the passage of time and is even superior in strength to some natural materials.

Laminam Porcelanato Statuario

Porcelain is much stronger than granite and it is highly resistant to impact, stains and scratches.

↑ One advantage of porcelanato is its heat resistance.

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travertino beige marble

↑ Travertine grigio tiles feature a timeless appeal and beauty with which few materials can compete.

travertino beige marble steps

↑ Classic decoration with Travertine is timeless and elegant. It’s been used since the times of ancient Rome.

vratza beige marble vanitytop

↑ Vratza marble is a beige marble with a leather finish. Sophisticated and timeless, beige marble creates a sence of warmth and comfort.

vratza beige marble vanitytop

Vratza Marble

Beige marble blends easily with a large number of natural or artificial materials. Therefore, creates spaces of comfort, health, personal care and practicality.


Ideal material for the prevailing trends in eco-architecture.


Beige marble creates a sence of warmth and comfort.

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