Arabescato Naturali Ceramic with Marble Effect

Arabescato ceramic with marble effect reproduce the elegance of marble with circular patterns on a white background, suitable for flooring, furniture, and exterior facades. Its versatility and finishes make it an ideal solution for various uses.

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↑ The surface of Arabescato ceramic reproduces the elegance of marble.

↑ Resistant to wear Laminam ceramics are suitable for kitchens.

Marble enhances the human experience and increases the value of your home

↑ Laminam ceramic slabs withstand both very high and very low temperatures.

↑ Infuse your space with personality and eclecticism

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A comprehensive stone library offers hundreds of different choices to choose from.


The expertise to offer genuine, honest advice based on suitability, aesthetics, and budget.

Marble enhances the human experience and increases the value of your home

↑ Laminam ceramics are designed to be highly scratch resistant.

↑ Our Laminam ceramic surfaces have excellent durability.

Arabescato: The Versatile and Elegant Marble-Look Ceramic Slab

Arabescato, part of Naturali series, is a versatile ceramic slab that reproduces the elegance of marble. It’s suitable for various uses, including cladding, flooring, furniture, and exterior facades, with different finishes and thickness options available.


Custom fabrication services. Made to client specifications.


Stylish and fashionable marble solutions.

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