Travertine Stone for Classic Elegance

Travertine Noce Light is used in the exterior facade of this private residence. Travertine is a stone with a classic look. Beautiful textures and natural imperfections in the stone create depth and classic elegance.

Private Residence

Materials: Travertino Noce Light
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03 / 2022
The residential entrance is covered with Travertine stone

↑ Travertine is a popular building stone for both interior and exterior applications.

Travertine stone covering the residential garden

↑ Travertine is a versatile and appropriate stone for nearly any application from flooring and outdoor wall cladding to backsplashes and fireplaces.

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Travertine outdoor floor tiles

↑ Travertine is known for its durability, beauty, and interesting appearance. It is highly resistant to moisture and water and can be used outdoors as well as indoors.

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Travertine stone covering the residential entrance

↑ Travertine stone covering the external entrance area.

Travertine stone residential drivethrough

↑ Travertine stone for classic elegance.

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Travertine stone combined with wooden deck

↑ Travertine combines with wood for natural warmth.

Travertine stone outdoor steps

↑ Travertine is perfect for cladding floors, walls and facades.

Travertine stone external facade

↑ Travertine tiles feature a timeless appeal and beauty with which few materials can compete. Used since ancient times in buildings that are still standing today. One example is the Colosseum of Rome. Travertine is perfect for cladding floors, walls and facades and will last for generations.

It has a classic, old-world look and yet it is versatile enough that can fit in other décor styles as well.


Travertine surfaces are highly resilient and can last a lifetime.


Attractive earth tones and marble-like textures that gives any room charm and character.

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