Residential Project

Residential building using Rock Face Akron for outdoor cladding. The dark colours of Akron stone in combination with the relief surface imbue the space with an imposing style.

Private Customer

Materials: Rock Face Akron, Pietra Gray Marble, Polaris Marble, Ligurio Marble
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All photos are taken at actual project location.
Year 2020
Rock Face Άκρον

Parnonas Marble used for the steps. Parnonas is a white Greek marble and it is especially good for exteriors.

Akron Face Rock

Rock Face Akron is a natural rock cladding for building facades, enclosures, walls, pillars, fireplaces and generally for all veneers-decorations of interior and exterior spaces.

Rock Face Akron used for wall cladding

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Pietra Grey Marble

Uniform in appearance and compact, the tones move very subtly between carbons and graphite.

Creating places that enhance the human experience with elegant materials

Polaris Marble

Polaris Marble / A pure white marble with occasionally light grey shades, quarried in Greece. This stone is especially good for ornamental stone, countertops, mosaic, landscaping stone, monuments, stairs, paving tiles and other design projects.

Ligurio Marble

Ligurio Marble / The earthy soft tones and the high durability make this marble ideal for any modern and timeless construction.

Bianchissimo Italian Quartz

↑  Bianchissimo Italian Quartz

An engineered stone by a leading Italian manufacturer of composite materials offering long-lasting surfaces with a natural look, reminiscent of natural granite and marble but with superior performance when it comes to its strength, stain resistance and low maintenance.


Easy to clean and waterproof. Materials that do not absorb, hence ideal for countertops.


Unique appearance and purity of colours.

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